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Direct and Active Services

Our direct and active services saving our corporate customers innumerable time and procedures. Our goal is always provide fast and flexible product solution to meet our customer needs.


Atypical product search

We are the expert on atypical product search; usually our customer only provide their thought on the ideal food production, and then we will activate the search through our channel from the industry market that we well familiar or we will produce it if passable.


Multinational Corporation

Our branch located in both Europe and Asia and particularly in Taiwan; we have our own manufacture which produce our vegetarian meat production. That why we are capable to provide import / export services through Europe and Asia.

About our company

The vegetarian meat products we sell in Formosa are produce by our own manufacture in Taiwan. We use the freshest, highest quality, local ingredients whenever possible. And we produce, package, and ship everything by ourselves in order to to control our production meets the highest standards of quality.

Why choose us?

We work with our customers in the Vegetarian food industry by providing individualized service and customized products to restaurants and distributors. And we have also work with small, medium, and large chain restaurants, as well as large volume single locations such as convention centers and entertainment venues to provide veggie products to them through their food service distributor.

Latest news
20.June, 2015

Our next frozen container is now at final preparation stage, departure date will be around beginning of July.

27.May, 2015

The ETA for our next shipment will be arrived on beginning of July, lots of dry products will be refill by then....